FRIDAY strengthens its change communication capabilities

Syntase A/S, a consulting firm that has helped roll out change strategies for large Danish companies since 2003, is becoming a part of FRIDAY. The goal is to strengthen and develop new business areas within communications and the execution of change within large organizations.  


Some of Denmark’s most experienced change consultants will now become part of the rapidly-growing communications firm FRIDAY. For 15 years, Syntase has helped large Danish companies accelerate change and make complex strategies understandable for managers and employees – including the development of major conferences and management seminars.

“An important part of FRIDAY’s turnover comes from change projects. Now Syntase can offer us further experience and some new approaches and methods for handling organizational change. Since change communication is a strategic focus area for us, it’s a perfect match,” says Lars Bo Kirk, CEO of FRIDAY.

The ambition is clear: to create Denmark’s best entity for the communication and acceleration of change, whether that means mergers, turnarounds, restructurings, IT and strategy implementations, or complex culture projects.

“Most companies and organizations are constantly changing. Strategies that used to be rewritten every third year are now being updated on an ongoing basis, and organizations are expected to follow along. We help decisionmakers do that – and are looking forward to working with all our new, highly-experienced colleagues at FRIDAY,” says Søren Dolriis of Syntase.

As of September 1, 2018, Søren Dolriis and Syntase partner Jan Ørsted will join the partner group at FRIDAY, which was founded in 2014. The bureau will then have 10 partners, along with 15 additional employees. FRIDAY and Syntase have been working closely together on projects and customers for many years and know each other well.

“We work differently, but we think the same and we like each other. We also advise many of the same decision-makers and use many of the same dramatic expressions in our way of achieving results – and for that reason alone, we believe we can be better together than we were separately,” says Lars Bo Kirk.

For further information, contact Lars Bo Kirk, CEO of FRIDAY, at +45 40544340.


Jan Ørsted

Søren Dolriis