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Attention is everything. Whether you own a well-known international brand or are an upcoming star trying to establish your name, you need attention. And getting attention is hard work.

FRIDAY Life is part of the Copenhagen-based PR & Communication agency FRIDAY. FRIDAY Life specialises in design and lifestyle. Our mission is to help your brand make a high-level impact in specific medias.

Welcome to our FRIDAY Life universe.


Behind the scenes of FRIDAY Life is Anja Hellberg, an experienced journalist with extraordinary insight into the Danish media landscape and a knack for spotting the fast lane into magazines, blogs and newspapers.

For more than 10 years, Anja Hellberg was an influential editor at Denmark’s second largest interior magazine, Bolig Magasinet. She’s also contributed to dozens of different magazines and national newspapers.
When you work with Anja, you’ll learn how a magazine or a paper is actually run and get access to an extensive network of interior design journalists, bloggers and stylists. And you’ll be able to benefit from Anja’s quick and vibrant style and her ability to tell brilliant stories in a few, simple words aimed directly at your target group.

FRIDAY Life is a sub-brand to FRIDAY & Partners, founded by a team with more than 15 years of experience in PR & communication.

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What we do

Press releases & storytelling

Every product has its own story. If you can tell that story in a straightforward and catchy way, you’ll increase the chance that journalists will stop and take notice instead of just scrolling past.

We build good stories around your brand & products. Then we top off the stories with killer headlines and use our powerful contacts list to deliver them directly to your target group.

Press relations

We maintain and grow our relationships with people in the press on a daily basis. We know from experience how and when they like to receive information.

We identify the good stories in your company that have potential for press interest, then help angle the stories and pitch them to relevant journalists. We’re also in the unique position that journalists, stylists and bloggers often contact us to request information for upcoming articles.

PR Strategy

Of course, lots of agencies can push out a few press releases for you, but those usually aren’t very effective.

That’s why we prefer to build our campaign from an overall strategic point of view. WHERE is the product or story heading? WHY are we heading there? And HOW are we getting there? We build a strategy that both our professionals and your in-house team can use as an effective and important tool to reach your goals.

Film & video

We are passionate about telling stories and know the value of visual communication. FRIDAY produces high-value short films and videos that deliver your message in just a minute or two.

We have all the advanced equipment needed to produce professional films and videos. Our experienced team can take your brand all the way from the first lines of a script to fully-edited film.


Hosting a press event can bring immediate value to your brand and help you build strong, personal relations with the media. We know how to bring together the right crowd in the right place at the right time.

By introducing your brand’s spokespeople as experts to the media, we also position them as resources for future stories. That means that your message gets told the way you want to tell it, and that the participants leave the event with an enlightened feeling that brings value to their work.


Gathering a range of cool design brands in one image bank means we build a bridge between your products and the media. This benefits both you and the journalists, who can find the high res pictures they need at one site instead of looking 30 different places – if they find your site at all.

In addition to uploading and maintaining your brand universe on, we continuously push your products to the media through networking, newsletters and – if you want – through press releases focused on news.

Corporate Communication

As part of one of Denmark’s strongest and most senior PR and communications agencies, FRIDAY Life customers are also in safe hands when it comes to corporate PR disciplines like crisis communication, training of spokespeople, media and message training, financial communication, and stakeholder analysis.

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We survey all of the Danish magazines, newspapers, TV & radio channels, and we can see every day that our work is getting results. But the value of our networking and knowledge can’t always be communicated in raw numbers. Let’s allow our clients to do the talking….

”For quite a few years we have been targeting PR as an important part of the Garant chain’s strategy. After starting to work with FRIDAY Life we saw a significant rise in the number of times we were mentioned in newspapers, TV and magazines. In particular, Anja Hellberg’s committed and professional professional approach has been instrumental in moving our target group’s perception of Garant in the desired direction. Anja has a proactive approach to our cooperation, and that’s made a noticeable difference to us. We are looking forward to continuing productive cooperation with FRIDAY Life.”

Frank Neumann,
Head of Marketing, Garant

”Cane-line has – among other things – worked with FRIDAY in arranging a press event at northmodern in Copenhagen. The results were overwhelming, including an impressive number of guests and a clear focus on our core messages. FRIDAY Life managed everything before, during and after the event in an extremely professional manner. In addition, due to Anja Hellberg’s long experience as a magazine editor and recipient of press releases, FRIDAY Life has helped Cane-line produce more welcoming and useful press material.”

Sussie Nonved,
PR- & marketing manager, Cane-line

“Only a few days after having hired FRIDAY Life to write and publish a press release about ENIITO, we achieved several mentions in national and leading media. This was without any doubt due to the agency’s good network and knowhow from many years in the design and publishing industry.”

Thomas W. Brixen,
founder and CEO,

“It has been a year since we began working with FRIDAY. It quickly became clear to us, that Anja Hellberg has hands-on knowhow from her many years at magazines. We find the advice she gives us to be very specific and honest, and we have very easily reached a level of cooperation that reflects our needs and budget. FRIDAY Life’s work has had a noticeable impact on our sales and number of mentions in the media. Of course, we are planning on future cooperation, so we can concentrate on the things we are good at.”

Signe Wirth Engelund,
founder and designer, by Wirth

”Anja Hellberg is bursting with ideas and converts her energy in a determined and effective way to valuable results. The FRIDAY Life team is always up to date with the newest trends and has a broad and relevant network, that has really benefitted us.”

– Anna Grethe Jørgensen, Marketing Manager, Kvik

At the end of the day, the success of FRIDAY Life and especially our digital showroom,, depends on users – the journalists, stylists, bloggers and other influencers who download information every day from our digital showroom. Here’s what they say…

“When using, it is quite clear that the founder of this digital showroom has a background as a journalist in the magazine industry. The showroom is everything we have been waiting for: Beautiful photos in high resolution accompanied by all the information we need. is a ‘must-click’, when I am producing articles for Alt for Damerne, Alt Interiør and BoligLiv.”

Nicola Kragh Riis,
Editor in Chief, BoligLiv & Interior Editor, Alt for Damerne

”I use often, because the site offers lots of inspiration and good material. The imagebank is easy to navigate and is always bursting with both pack shots and full room photos. The press material from FRIDAY Life presents good stories and new products accompanied with all the information I need. I am especially fond of the feature that links directly to high res photos – very user-friendly!”

Lea Ryberg Kruse,
Editor, Børsen Bolig

”I write news articles for Berlingske Boligen and other media and need a large number of pack shots every on a weekly basis. gives me an overview and information on the newest design. Most importantly, it’s easy to download photos and all the necessary information to go with them. Everything comes in one easy package – something that can be a hassle to put together piece by piece from other imagebanks.”

Missu Schneidermann,
Interior & lifestyle journalist

” meets all my needs as a freelance journalist, blogger and editor. The imagebank is easy to navigate, inspiring and supplies all the info and specifica-tions, that I need for my articles. It is clear that the team behind the site knows the magazine business from the inside out – even retailer contacts are supplied. I am a fan!”

Malene Marie Møller,
Living Editor/Liv, blogger/ & founder of soHome


Anja Hellberg

Partner & Communication advisor

Tlf. 2858 8076

Linkedin profile


Anja Hellberg

Partner & Communication advisor

Tlf. 2858 8076

Linkedin profile